The food system of the 21st century is about trust, responsibility, and resilience. Wadi Bailool is a dynamic and diversified company aiming to delight all its customers by exceeding their expectations through quality products and services.

Wadi Bailool is your full-service food distributor- exporter carrying foodstuff and beverages, households' preferences/utilities, toiletries, construction and building materials, and sundry items on specific demand and it offers export services to the Middle East.

Due to our high range of quality products, our operations, our facilities, and the consistently high level of service and professionalism offered by our expert and friendly staff, we have a proven track record with our customers and business partners.


Our company Is a very reputed company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, established in 1998. Our company is involved in trading general items mostly like Rice, Cooking oil, Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Milk. Wheat Flour, Pulses, Blinding Material, Household items, and NON-FMCG items. Most of our products are of superior quality, manufactured and made from the best manufacturers and suppliers. We trade them to the global markets with a team of enthusiastic individuals trying their best to expand business ideas and relationships around the globe.
Our company offers very competitive prices, the best services, and exceptional commodities. We do business through a Letter of Credit from the Bank and would take pleasure in having good business with other companies.
Structure & Services

•    The Staff acquire a wealth of information and understanding and have built suitable channels and links with international manufacturers, thus enhancing our procurement and purchasing power to a level envied by many rivaled by none.

•    Logistic - We are loyal to ensuring our products and services arrived on time. And to sustain that commitment, we have an extensive information network to coordinate our global delivery curriculum.

•    Storage facilities – WBGT has the very most modern storage space facilities and security for the help of our customers.

•    Services – Our Commitment to the selling process. Backed by a team, who acquire comprehensive knowledge and understanding of our commodities, customers can rest assured that every challenge has a punctual and immediate result.

•    Our vision is to be valued as a professional company who offers services in excess of customer’s outlook, and support people expand live, respect human being and to take good care of the environment. We could put ourselves as “For Added Value People”.

•    Atmosphere gracious – Realizing the earth survives on a delicate balance between technological advancement and preservation of nature, We also make sure that our goods are environmentally friendly and when apt, are used.. In furthering the program, our employees constantly ensure their hard work is geared towards a greener earth.

•    Sound commercial practices meeting the international standards and regulations of each country.

Our team is totally dedicated and committed.