Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is proper to make several kinds of Bread and other mixtures that need it for. 

We supply and export the finest quality Wheat Flour.  Wheat Flour is manufactured using the finest quality of wheat that is properly checked and tested for its quality in the laboratory. The wheat is also thoroughly cleaned to ensure the superior quality of the Wheat Flour. Properly grind using advanced machinery, Wheat Flour is manufactured according to the needs of various consumers such as baker, confectioner, bread and biscuit manufacturer, housewife, macaroni manufacturer, etc. Also, care is taken to see that the finished products are properly packed and sealed before delivering them.

Specialty Of Our Wheat Flour :

-Finest quality of raw materials used.

-Manufactured using most advanced machinery.

-Properly packed.

-Reasonably priced.

Technical Details:


Mana Rosalinda




All purpose Flour

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry air tight container.


50 Kgs


Sachet, woven poly bale, cotton bag, jute bag