Thai White Rice

Thai White Rice

White Long grain Rice Thai Rice 100B grade,5% Broken.

When the rice hull and bran layer has been removed, it becomes White rice (also called milled rice or polished white rice). This kind of rice can be grown throughout Thailand but it is mostly cultivated in the central part of Thailand such as Suphanburi and Singburi etc province, where our mill is located in the heart of RICE LAND.

 Thai White Rice is a long grain type. Cooked rice is light, fluffy so when cooked expands in volume. It’s the most popular type of rice and widely consumed in all countries and as stable food in diets and consumed world over.

Technical Details:


Mana Rosalinda



Storage Instructions

Store in a dry air tight container.


25 Kgs


Sachet, woven poly bale, Poly bag, cotton bag, jute bag